5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

There's no photo of me in the U-Haul, but this was why I did it. To help him move, and to visit her. Totes worth it.

(I accidentally published this instead of scheduled it, so if you saw it yesterday between the hours of noon and 1pm, my bad!!!) Okay so I was in Chicago, working, meeting people, and I have nothing to post about. So I stole this topic from Paula, and it sounds like she stole it from people who overshare on Facebook, so enjoy! 10 5 Things You Might Not Know About Meeeeee: 1. I have a serious phobia of frogs.  The internet tells me this is called "Batrachophobia" and includes a fear of Continue Reading

I’m only happy when it rains….

As a Floridian, born and raised and still here, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE sunshine.I'm addicted to it. I pretty much require the sun to function. If I can't get to the beach at least one weekend a month between March and July, I feel empty and bored and unhappy. But I can't think of one time in 2011 when it's started pouring and I've been bummed. In fact, this year I have welcomed the rain.   I don't know what that says about my mental state this year. If I were being Continue Reading

Mother’s Day: 2003

Eight years ago today was the last holiday I was able to spend with my Grandma. I remember it for a few reasons, all of which seemed normal enough at the time.... I woke up, rushed out of my apartment, and bought orange juice because that was what Grandma was always responsible for bringing to the family Sunday brunches. I got to Grandma's house and of course she wasn't ready, so Uncle Dan and I got everything and went the three blocks to Aunt Linda's house. Grandma and I held hands while Continue Reading


I'm sitting here on a Thursday night plucking away at little details in wedding planning by acknowledging that I need to look deeper ceremony styles, writing down the names of DJ's in Asheville, trying to wrap my head around our guest list while casually flipping through stationary on Etsy, when I got to flowers. This is NOT the first time I've thought of flowers. I know we want our colors to match the Tanzanite engagement ring on my left hand, so we want to focus on dark purple and dark blue Continue Reading

Vince is home and other February updates

This post is really selfish, because I just needed some place to scream VINCE IS COMING HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I would miss him, I knew being home alone for two weeks would suck, but man I had no idea that it would suck this bad. He's my best friend, lover, comrade, roommate and gym buddy all rolled into one. Not to mention my fiancee, the father of my kitties, and the guy who takes the trash out. ;)    While he was gone I did the Continue Reading

What we already know in 2011

It is January 3, 2011. This is my first blog post of the year, and here is what Vince and I know so far... We know: Vince starts his new job this month! Vince's 32nd birthday celebration will be at Jon and Carrie's! We're going to D.C. in June for Vicki and Mike's wedding! We're going back to Jamaica in October! We do NOT want to get married in Orlando. We can't get married outside of the U.S. because we want my Grandma and Dad to make it. Who I want to ask to be my bridesmaids. What Continue Reading