A Lengthy, Detailed Update on Mia

Mia and Daddy

Since so many people have asked and the details are so vast, I thought I'd write out a full-length update on Mia's health in chronological order. This is long, but it's thorough and pretty interesting if you're interested in that sort of thing... The Beginning: The Flu and Ventilator Mia got Type A Flu around February 16th. She was admitted to ICU on February 19th and she was incubated/put on a ventilator to assist with her breathing after not responding well to the by-pap machine on Continue Reading

Daddy. A vLog.


No written words can convey what I'm feeling and I had to get this out... not only for myself but to keep from having to tell it over and over again. So, I did my first vLog. Warning: It's long. I cry. If you love me, you might cry too. I'm sorry... I hate this so much... http://youtu.be/ipFYXpbK2o4 If you're looking for something different, go check out this post I wrote about my Daddy last Father's Day: I Love My Daddy. There will be more good ones as I process. In fact, this blog Continue Reading

The New Year’s Eve I had no reason to forget to blog about

A lot of time was spent in this kitchen, with these types of drinks.

I have NO idea why I forgot to document New Year's Eve 2013 - 2014, because it was bad. freakin'. ass. As with all New Year's Eves, there's an immense amount of pressure to make it epic and throw down and blah blah blah. You'd think that at this point I'd be immune to the pressure, but nope. Every year I start getting panicky and call friends around the state to see what plans are, starting usually the second week in December. This... err... last? year was different though. I casually Continue Reading

Vince’s Store Bought Birfday

The group, holding the cupcakes (and the only photo taken of them before they were devoured!)

I can't believe I'm writing about this well over a month after the fact, but what can I say? Life. It's good right now. :) This year was Vince's 35th birthday - 35th!!! I met Vince when he was 25 and every year on January 13th I've struggled to rally our Still-hung-over-from-New-Years-partied-out friends to give Vince the birthday celebration he truly deserves. And every year we manage to pull something off - even if it's just a really effing expensive dinner with our local pals. This Continue Reading

Oops…. Excuses and an Update

We fancy!

Well, I had ever intention of blogging every day the month of November and... yeah that didn't happen. In fact, it looks like I'm not going to make much out of December either. So what the hell happened? A new job. A renewed focus on my home-life. A new Kindle Paperwhite.... The last item was a gift from my former SVP and I am absolutely inlove with being able to read on my Kindle in an otherwise pitch-black room. But seriously, here's one of those random updates that doesn't make a Continue Reading

Nick and Ashley’s St. Augustine Wedding!

And seriously, could there be a more badass cake topper?

Friday, November 1st Vince and I enjoyed a lovely summer fall evening in St. Augustine, FL for Nick and Ashley's wedding! First, some back-story. Vince went to high school with Nick in Inverness and they reconnected a couple of years ago when they realized they were both really, really into motorcycles. When they first reconnected, I of course came along for the ride (literally) and ended up thinking his lady Ashley was a pretty cool chick. And by 'cool' I mean 'down.' It is a known Continue Reading