Oops…. Excuses and an Update

Well, I had ever intention of blogging every day the month of November and… yeah that didn’t happen. In fact, it looks like I’m not going to make much out of December either.

So what the hell happened?

A new job. A renewed focus on my home-life. A new Kindle Paperwhite….

The last item was a gift from my former SVP and I am absolutely inlove with being able to read on my Kindle in an otherwise pitch-black room.

But seriously, here’s one of those random updates that doesn’t make a good blog post but is damn helpful when Vince and I are trying to remember where our life went:

    • We hosted a Pre-Thanksgiving-Thanksgiving party at our house! Jon, Carrie, Luke, Brenna, Cody, Kellan, Kelly, Lauren, and Tim came over after I spent the day in the kitchen cooking all the Thanksgiving dinner classics with Carrie and Brenna, and we ATE THE EFF DOWN. It was actually pretty unreal how much food we ate. Afterward we reflected that though we always end up overeating when we hang out (BBQ’s, poolside grilling, general parties and cooking festivities) this was the first time we all got together with the sole purpose of eating to the breaking point. It was awesome and I’m so glad we hosted those people here, since Vince and I spent our actual Thanksgiving out at a restaurant…
    • I went to The Uncle’s in SoFlo for Thanksgiving and had a blast. We hit Wilton Manors – a super gay area – for cocktails and lunch. We did Thanksgiving Dinner at Seasons 52. We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and marveled at the drag show and how far America has come. But best of all? I got to spend three full days with them catching up and enjoying their company. It was exactly what I needed.
Our future Awkward Family Photo

Our future Awkward Family Photo

    • I’ve spent a *lot* of money. Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales… I spent sooo much money. The sad part is that none of the money I spent was on other people! It was all for me! Victoria’s Secret and Express got the bulk of it. I feel like I should toss up a ‘fashion’ post here in the future to help justify some of the obscene cost. Hmm…
Black suede shoes... These are killer. Effing. Killer.

Black suede shoes… These are killer. Effing. Killer.

    • We spring-cleaned in December! We opened the doors and windows to the house the weekend before Christmas and threw out a ton of crap! In a completely unplanned and oddly motivated weekend we did a massive purge. It was long overdue and freaking AWESOME.
    • Vince’s little brother, Joey, moved in. This is a big one. Two years ago we told Joey that if he got accepted to UCF, we would let him stay with us for his first semester to help him get the lay of the land in Orlando and he finally decided to take us up on it. I don’t think either me or Vince were expecting it to actually happen, and I definitely don’t think we expected it to happen 8 months after our wedding, but we want to help him succeed and so… 9 years after meeting, 6 years after moving in together, Vince and I have a roommate.
    • Speaking of NINE YEARS: Vince and I celebrated our first post-wedding-non-wedding-anniversary! It fell on a Thursday, so that Friday night we went to Eddie V’s and had a fantastic, and veeeeery expensive celebratory dinner.
We fancy!

We fancy!

  • I am no longer a blonde. That’s right, I went back to a rich brunette base with six big bright red chunks. I feel SO much more like myself, but I am bitterly remembering how quickly red fades. I love it though, so I’m going to keep it up for a few months until I can’t take anymore. (Just realized I don’t have a photo of it… wtf?)
  • I met my Dad at the Florida National Cemetery to visit my Grandma and Grandpa’s graves. It was a beautiful place and very peaceful, but I was sad to see my Dad put my Grandma’s real birthday on her headstone, not the one she celebrated for 82 years (she was a month off her whole life… that’s my crazy Polish grandma!)
  • I’m kicking ass at work. Since I can’t really discuss what I do, I can’t really go into detail. But let’s just say that I’m doing well, discovering a lot, and kicking ass. I’m not unaccustomed to being the ‘subject matter expert’ in search and interactive marketing, but being the only expert in the building for a company of this size is still a bit mind boggling. But so far, so good!


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