Can I talk about my wedding dress for a second?

JSM1103 by Sottero and Midgley in Champagne and Gold Lace

So I'm making our wedding album with our favorite photos from the big day and the more I look at the photos, the more I fall in love with my dress. Like... I already loved it... I mean, I spent a big chunk of money on it so that's kind of a given... But looking back on these photos... dude. Holy shit. I freakin' love this dress. I've come to love it so much that I am having trouble considering ever parting with it, even though there's (obviously) no where I could ever wear it Continue Reading

All The Blue and Purple Wedding Colors!


Deep in the list of my blog's 'drafts' section there lies a post that discusses my issues with picking just one or two wedding colors. Selecting colors was something I *really* struggled with in the early stages of wedding planning... along with picking a location, a venue, a florist, a dress... yadda yadda yadda... The challenges were many, but the main issues were something like this: I love purple. Vince prefers blue. My dress was champagne which we thought went best with a Continue Reading

Wedding Cupcakes: We did what?

Purple and Blue Wedding Ombre Cupcakes

I was pretty much all wedding-blogged out, but then Vicki posted a collage of our cupcakes and I was like "wait... I got one more in me!" I know what you're thinking and probably what most of our guests thought: Cupcakes at a wedding? How unique.... And I agree. It's the hot thing to do since cupcakes exploded in popularity around 2007. Since everyone was doing it, it was automatically one of the last things *I* wanted to do. But last year our friends Alicia and Ryan got married in Continue Reading

Our Amazing Asheville, NC Wedding Photographer: Katy Cook Photography

11 - amazing-asheville-wedding-photographer-homewood-asheville

I've been trying to write this post for over three weeks now and all I could come up with is: "I love you, Katy Cook!" and "We had the most amazing wedding photographer ever!" Talking to my guests hasn't helped either. All I hear from them is "Your wedding photographer was awesome!" "She was everywhere!"  "She rocked!"  "I can't believe how long she stayed!"  "We loved her!" and "Holy ish, your photos!" All of that is true, and then some. How I Found Katy Cook Photography: We were three Continue Reading

Rehearsal Dinner at The Book Exchange and Champagne Bar in Asheville

Unique Asheville, NC Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Location

Since ours was a destination wedding that required guests take a pricey vacation, Vince and I wanted to a) hang out with our friends as much as possible, and b) feed/inebriate people as much as possible. So when it came time to plan the rehearsal dinner, we knew we wanted to host pretty much everyone attending the wedding. The big question was "Where in Asheville could host 60-70 people....?" The answer: The Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar in Downtown Asheville, NC. How Continue Reading

My Favorite and Silliest Wedding Gift

My coworker gave me a wedding gift just before I left for Asheville. Life was so busy, we had so much to pack, that Vince and I didn't get to open them until we got home and were officially "Mr. and Mrs. V----o." While we got some truly awesome, unique, and thoughtful gifts, these silly little pillows are my favorite. Thank you, Heather! She got them from Anna Banana's in DeLand, FL. We chuckle every time we look at them! Continue Reading