“Alicia” Makes a Comeback

An odd side-effect of the life changes of the last six months: I am now more comfortable answering to "Alicia" than I am to "Ali." It all started in November when I first began to introducing myself in a new work environment. After spending the last 15 years introducing myself as "Ali," I decided to go by "Alicia" at D****n. This wasn't just a fluke or a desire to sound more grown-up or something. I work in a highly technical industry which utilizes a LOT of off-shore resources. I can't Continue Reading

The Side-Effects of Grief

This is a weird post to write, but I think I need to get this out... so... here goes. I am *not* okay. I know I've said that before and I know it sounds simple, but seriously, I am not okay. The grieving process for me has been whacky to say the least. My favorite person in the world, the reason I bothered to do anything even halfway right in my life, is gone. But grieving that loss has been next to impossible with all of the family obligations I've had with Mia's healthcare and the Continue Reading

Soooo about that birthday…

Imperial Salon Hydrotherapy Pool/Tub in Melbourne, FL

Friday was my first birthday without Daddy and man,... it started off SO. GOOD. I opened presents from friends that were thoughtful and perfect. I cried happy tears and laughed all morning. From a special bangle bracelet with an incredibly meaningful symbol, to a set of magnets with photos of me and my Dad, to a bouquet of gorgeous yellow flowers... the gifts I received were unprecedented and perfect. And the love sent my way - holy crap I FELT it. All morning I practically radiated Continue Reading

I am not okay right now

My days are one of two things lately. Numb, or broken. Numb means I am quiet, removed, unattached. It means I can go about what needs to be done and make progress on things. Numb enables me to tell people over and over... "My Dad died... it was very sudden... he was my best friend... he was only 63..." while shuffling back and forth from work to Merritt Island to the hospital where I talk to Mia about things that don't matter and make really lame jokes at my own expense in a desperate attempt Continue Reading

Oops…. Excuses and an Update

We fancy!

Well, I had ever intention of blogging every day the month of November and... yeah that didn't happen. In fact, it looks like I'm not going to make much out of December either. So what the hell happened? A new job. A renewed focus on my home-life. A new Kindle Paperwhite.... The last item was a gift from my former SVP and I am absolutely inlove with being able to read on my Kindle in an otherwise pitch-black room. But seriously, here's one of those random updates that doesn't make a Continue Reading

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

There's no photo of me in the U-Haul, but this was why I did it. To help him move, and to visit her. Totes worth it.

(I accidentally published this instead of scheduled it, so if you saw it yesterday between the hours of noon and 1pm, my bad!!!) Okay so I was in Chicago, working, meeting people, and I have nothing to post about. So I stole this topic from Paula, and it sounds like she stole it from people who overshare on Facebook, so enjoy! 10Β 5 Things You Might Not Know About Meeeeee: 1. I have a serious phobia of frogs. Β The internet tells me this is called "Batrachophobia" and includes a fear of Continue Reading