Post 220: In which our heroine becomes addicted to hooping

Alicia night hooping with her LED!

If we're friends on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, you've probably picked up on some new activity on my accounts lately. Specifically, a new addiction that has developed rather rapidly... I'm kinda suddenly addicted a little bit to hooping. Like, hula hooping. And it's all Alicia's fault. Alicia started hooping about six months ago, maybe longer, and she fell in love pretty much as soon as she started. I saw all her posts on Facebook and Instagram full of these amazing night Continue Reading

That time we went to a bar and picked up a six piece funk band

Booty Band at The Social

Friday night Vince and I went to The Social to see a band from Asheville called Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band! Now, I had heard of Booty Band many times over the years and knew a few of their tracks  pretty well, though I wasn't a super-dedicated follower. But Vince and I have been kind of in a work-rut lately - just working, eating, sleeping, wash, rinse, repeat - so I bought tickets online so that we would be committed to going and immediately bought their latest album to prepare. The Continue Reading

Oops…. Excuses and an Update

We fancy!

Well, I had ever intention of blogging every day the month of November and... yeah that didn't happen. In fact, it looks like I'm not going to make much out of December either. So what the hell happened? A new job. A renewed focus on my home-life. A new Kindle Paperwhite.... The last item was a gift from my former SVP and I am absolutely inlove with being able to read on my Kindle in an otherwise pitch-black room. But seriously, here's one of those random updates that doesn't make a Continue Reading

Awesome Organic Hippie Granola Recipe!


I tried to take photos of this recipe as we were making it, but it went so fast and we started eating it so quickly that the only photo I got was at the end! This is a recipe for an absolutely *amazeballs* granola bar that's all organic and natural, and SUPER good for you. I seriously feel like my brain works better after I eat this stuff. It's power food. I'm not saying it's low carb or calorie... I'm just saying it's GOOD and these ingredients are all really good for you in Continue Reading

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me

There's no photo of me in the U-Haul, but this was why I did it. To help him move, and to visit her. Totes worth it.

(I accidentally published this instead of scheduled it, so if you saw it yesterday between the hours of noon and 1pm, my bad!!!) Okay so I was in Chicago, working, meeting people, and I have nothing to post about. So I stole this topic from Paula, and it sounds like she stole it from people who overshare on Facebook, so enjoy! 10 5 Things You Might Not Know About Meeeeee: 1. I have a serious phobia of frogs.  The internet tells me this is called "Batrachophobia" and includes a fear of Continue Reading

First Impressions at the New Job

I gotta make this quick since I'm writing it the night before I leave for Chi-town, but I'm trying to blog every day and I figured some first impressions of the new job was as good a topic as any... so here goes: My first impressions of the new J-O-B! I'm gunna get fat: No really, there's a thing called the "D------ 15," you know, like the "Freshmen 15." There's tastings from test kitchens and group lunches and an amazing cafeteria. There's a Starbucks on-site. And that's not even including Continue Reading