Therapy does NOT suck

Some people might say therapy is too private to blog about. Some people might be right. But for me, writing is how I process things and lately it's how I remember them, too. So I figured I would write about the few therapy sessions I've had so far. Before all of this started, back in September of last year, I started seeing a therapist in Altamonte Springs to deal with one of my life's biggest loose ends: My mom. I spent a good three or four weeks researching therapists and settled on one Continue Reading

Father’s Day and Daddy’s Birthday

Daddy 2011 BDay

This month is a hard one. Father's Day is right around the corner and Daddy's birthday is two weeks later on June 30th. He would have been 64. It's so weird because I've always known his birthday (especially his age and birth year, since he was born in 1950) but I used my calendar and Facebook to remind me when the day approached. But since February I've repeated his birthday and social security number so many times, to sooo many people, that I now know it better than my own. I remember Continue Reading

“Alicia” Makes a Comeback

An odd side-effect of the life changes of the last six months: I am now more comfortable answering to "Alicia" than I am to "Ali." It all started in November when I first began to introducing myself in a new work environment. After spending the last 15 years introducing myself as "Ali," I decided to go by "Alicia" at D****n. This wasn't just a fluke or a desire to sound more grown-up or something. I work in a highly technical industry which utilizes a LOT of off-shore resources. I can't Continue Reading

Brace Yourself: Good News is Coming

Tuesday night I walked into Mia's hospital room around 7pm. She turned her head, saw me, and said "Oh my god. Get me a lawyer. Call Dan Newlin." That's right. Mia is officially asking for a lawyer and wants to sue every doctor she's seen and who saw Daddy. Which means that all is right with the world and everything is going to be okay. The last two months were one big false alarm. This woman is clearly back to old self and will be fine. Yeah, nothin' to see here folks. Move Continue Reading

The Side-Effects of Grief

This is a weird post to write, but I think I need to get this out... so... here goes. I am *not* okay. I know I've said that before and I know it sounds simple, but seriously, I am not okay. The grieving process for me has been whacky to say the least. My favorite person in the world, the reason I bothered to do anything even halfway right in my life, is gone. But grieving that loss has been next to impossible with all of the family obligations I've had with Mia's healthcare and the Continue Reading

The things that have made me laugh recently

Daddy's Playboy Cards

If you've thought the last almost-eight weeks have been nothing but depression and sob-fests over in Ali-land, you would not be far off. This has been a seriously bleak time. But despite losing Daddy and being thrown into a logistical nightmare that includes commuting from Merritt Island to Orlando and Melbourne, seeing Mia ride a roller coaster of healthcare, and picking up more dog shit than I ever wanted to see in my entire life, there have been a few really bright spots in all of Continue Reading