A Floridian in Chicago

Monday I started the new job and today I’m flying to Chicago to meet with my new search vendor and Google team!

I’m super excited because I’ve never been to Chicago, but I’m also all like “LOLWUT?!” because I’m a Floridian and I’m being taken to Chicago in freakin’ November!

Not only am I going to the windy city at the beginning of winter, but I’m going with two guys who moved here from Minnesota and New Jersey. This means that of the three of us going up from Orlando, I’m the only one who is from the land of permanent summer.

So I had to do a lot to prepare for this trip. Including “buy a real coat” and “actually spend money on nice boots.”

(Those are Nine West Getta Dress boots, I got them in black and 60% off. $189 down to $96!)

Mah new coat.

Mah new coat.

I also briefly considered re-enacting this scene from Cool Runnings. You know, to prepare.


Okay but seriously, I’m in Chicago! In November! With two brand new bosses! This is not so much a blog post as it is a status update because zomg!!! COLD!!!!


  1. says

    hahah November isn’t THAT bad. Just be happy it’s not January. It’ll be cold but with a scarf and jacket you’ll be good. I haven’t broken out the mitts yet, but you might want them.

    • luckiestgirlever says

      Ya know it really was NOT that bad. But I am SO glad I had the new coat and boots. They were freakin’ clutch, man. And… I’ve always wanted to drop serious money on boots and those were a steal!

      Oh and I also got a chance to break out the new gray leather gloves from Florence. BAM!!! :)

  2. Jess says

    I *love* the boots and jacket!! How are they functioning so far? That’d be too much of a heel for me to handle for long but they’re gorgeous and masterful shopping at the 60% off. Is it snowing? I was there for New Year’s and so it was snowy and a nice departure from Florida but waaaaaay cold.

    • luckiestgirlever says

      Boots and jacket were the best purchases I HAVE EVER EFFING MADE!!! They were phenom!!! I love my boots SO MUCH!!

      No snow, but down to 40 degrees and freakin’ COLD. It was definitely a nice break from FL heat.

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