Asheville Wedding Venue – Did we find the one before we even went?

I've given you guys details on three wedding ceremony and reception venues that we're planning to visit while in Asheville, and you can expect fully detailed, single-dedicated-post reviews and photos to be dedicated to each one in the future. (Whether you want them or not. HAH!) :) But I recently added one more to the list of Asheville wedding venues, and I'm not sure, but... it might be.. maybe... "the one." It's called "Hidden River Events," and is located just outside of downtown Asheville. Continue Reading

Pro Tips for Search Term Guys

This post is inspired by my one of my favorite former UCF classmates who is now one of my favorite bloggers because she's damn funny: Paula at Eat, Watch, Run. Paula sometimes blogs about the keywords that people put into Google that, for whatever reason, cause them to end up on her site. Considering what I do for a living, her posts on search terms are easily some of the funniest things I've ever read. Check out her awesome posts on search terms by clicking heeeeeere, and hereeeeeee. Now, as Continue Reading